Manja Unger-Buettner

Manja Unger Buettner  Designation

 ISR Senior Associate Research Fellow

 The European Interdisciplinary Network of Excellence in Socio-ethical  & Privacy-Preserving Video/Data Analytics

 Organisation  Department of Philosophy, Technical University of Dresden, Germany



Manja is based at the Department of Philosophy, Technical University of Dresden. She holds a Diploma in Industrial Design (Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau) and a Magistra Degree in Philosophy, German Literature and Cultural Studies (M.A. with Honors, University of Heidelberg/TU Dresden).

Her main research focus is on Philosophy of Technology and Design Ethics (methods, concepts, history of technology, medical and biotechnologies), including Reflective Practice to support socio-ethically responsible innovation particularly as this applies to Assistive Technologies and Informatics.   Manja’s other research interests relate to the consideration of the putative dualism nature/culture and its implications relevant to everyday life/work-styles as may be supported by the vision of Ambient-Assistive Intelligence and the Trustworthy Internet of People, Things and Services (IoPTS).