The Second VideoSense Summer School 2013

Following the previous successful Summer School in Dublin, the Second VideoSense Summer School on Ethically-guided and Privacy-respecting Video Analytics was held on 30 June 2013 at the DSP2013 conference, Santorini, Greece.
The VideoSense Summer School aimed at bringing together young researchers working in the field of privacy-respecting and ethnically-aware video analysis in security, offering: 

  • Lectures delivered by experts from academia and industry providing a clear and in-depth summary of state-of-the-art research in the field.
  • An enjoyable and stimulating environment in which participants benefited not only from the formal and practical sessions but also from informal and social interactions with established researchers and the other participants in the School. 

To further facilitate communication and feedback all attendees presented a poster on their research.


Invited Speakers:

  • Professor Atta Badii (University of Reading, UK) - Lecture on “Integrated Context-aware Tools and Architecture for Delivering and Evaluation of Privacy-Preserving Video-Analytics”. 
  • Professor Ebrahimi Touradj (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Switzerland) - Lecture on “Security and Trust in social media networks”
  • Prof. Jean-Luc Dugelay (EURECOM, France) - Lecture on “Facial Image Processing in Security Applications”
  • Christian Fedorczak (Thales, France) - Lecture on “Video-surveillance and Urban Security, the Mexico city example”
  • Dr. Ivo Keller (TU Berlin, Germany) - Lecture on “State-of-the-art and trends in video surveillance